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Which trolley is the best for my floricultural business?

In a difficult economical situation where any company cost must be checked, some reasonable choices must be taken. Trolley choice too. This product, seen as an exchange between customer and suppliers, determines an important choise.

  • Do you want to use a cheap exchange trolley system for you and for all floricultural field? 
  • Do you want  to use a trolley system based to supplier’s choice with no costs or without imposing to whom to buy?

I would like to order products to display plants and flowers quickly and easily. What do you recommend?

Visit our site and choose the most suitable product for your needs. You'll be able to purchase our. products directly on-line, easily and quickly.

More and more advantage for DC trolley customers

In these days, all European Floricultural field operators know that without DC trolleys, movements would be very slow. In our field, people use a lot of kinds of trolley, but DC type is the most used. Flower growers, Garden centres but also large retailers, who pay attention to cost optimization, organized their logistic exchange with DC trolleys.

To purchase online, you must pre-register?

Absolutely not. Buying online is very simple: just choose the articles of your interest, complete the order with all billing data and the destination. ... And you're done!

The online order is complete with transportation costs?

Sure! Once confirmed, the goods of your interest, based on the volume and destination of the goods, the system automatically add the cost of transport to be billed on the invoice. In this way, you have very clear all the costs before confirming the order.

If I order an "Outlet" can I confirm quickly, since there are only a few pieces?

Absolutely! By confirming the order on-line, the system will directly scale the stock part. In this way, ns. customer is sure to be able to "award" the product of interest, avoiding unpleasant surprises.

Can I always find promotions on your site?

Based on availability and seasonality, promotions and offers will update with due dates. Remember that you have activated the outlet section where you can buy at wholesale prices discounted price items (for prototypes, samples or merchandise return from exhibitions). Visit our frequently. site to see all the offers! Get It!

If I need more information before purchasing online, what can I do?

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail. Our staff will be pleased to give you all the information you need to learn more about our products and purchase online.

Do you have a range of products for mass retailers? Which do you recommend for a good exposure in most supermarkets?

Yes,we have adapted to the different exhibitors G.D.O.
You can make distinctions between products to choose from depending on the display area defined for the display of plants and flowers. If a supermarket in the area to be used and 'about 2 / 3 meters. We recommend the vertical display to take advantage of the more' space as possible.

What should I do to have a project for my flower shop?

Just contact us by email or fax with the dimension of the area and its main features.
Our Interior Designer you will develop a project designed on the basis of our experience and your needs.

The cost of these furnishings are very high? The cost of transport affects a lot?

Absolutely not, because thanks to the modularity is suitable for any environment that fosters high-production, so as to maintain low costs. Transport costs are contained because the case of modular furniture, everything is removable, so the space is reduced significantly resulting in a great saving on transportation.

Why choose the solution of modular grid to decorate the shop or the garden?

Simple, this line of furniture was designed for the green industry.
The module is based the size of universal tray for plants and is flexible / modular so every time I change the layout of the various elements that compose it, and is transparent to allow light to light and air to enter (key points for plants).
In addition, this furniture is equipped with various optional and therefore suitable for any industry.