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Garden Center Design

Making a sale, or not, sometimes is a matter of how your Garden Center is designed and presents itself to visitors.

Sure, price and availability of live goods bare key factors but more often than not plants are a purchase which is driven more by feeling than by need. With our broad range of water tables and display units we can help you design an inspiring and efficient point of sale, something unique to stand out from your competitors.

The best part? The design is free of charge and without obligation
Garden Center Design
Passion - Experience - Creativity - Dedication              
We are a team of people who developed a deep and specific knowledge in the Floricultural field and who lives every day this exciting reality. We provide solutions and design exhibition Concepts to sale plants and flowers in every environment. 
There are three basic points we should never forget  in order to achieve positive results using a dynamic display system:
- Excite the client/consumer
- Enhance the plants’ characteristics
- Create a vibrant environment

In simple words: the emotion we generate with plants and flower is the parameter that, as a positive consequence, sells the products.

The Staff of the Design Department will follow you step by step and support you in creating your new planning. For more than 30 years Orlandelli is synonymous of a unique experience; the consultancy of how to design sale areas for plants and flowers. This asset of specific knowledge is enriched every day by new experiences.

Call us to reserve a free visit; we don’t measure the importance of a project on the basis of its economic entity. Our passion is to contribute to the design of a project by giving our customers a sage support based on the professionalism of our staff that has been operating for years in this sector and that, daily, prepares solutions cooperating with customers all over the world.

We are looking forward to share with you the same passion for this wonderful sector.