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More and more advantage for DC trolley customers

In these days, all European Floricultural field operators know that without DC trolleys, movements would be very slow. In our field, people use a lot of kinds of trolley, but DC type is the most used. Flower growers, Garden centres but also large retailers, who pay attention to cost optimization, organized their logistic exchange with DC trolleys.

Trolley exchange between customer and supplier is very fast, with no use of complex devices and following past year use, the general quality of DC trolleys is more and more elevated and it guarantees homogeneous exchange. This is due to the fact that companies as ours, have chosen to propose only quality trolleys and shelves. Under request of cheap and not quality trolleys, we decided not to sell this kind of product.

Of course, you will always find companies which will buy not quality trolleys, saving money, thinking that “ripping off” would be the easiest way.  These people haven’t thought about the fact that trolley is a packaging part and for this reason, it is a sort of company’s picture. Then, they present a poor business incapacity without thinking about the price gap and price/quality relation.

Be good business men, and not also good flower growers! Pay attention to your company’s picture! It is essential for you success!
In these first three months, Organizzazione Orlandelli registered an increased DC trolleys selling, compared to the last year. We perfectly know that our competitors are in step with our results. This is the demonstration that DC trolley remains the European best solution for plant and flower logistic.

The great work during April month not allows to reflect and in May we are going to start our information campaign about auto-repair of every kind of trolley, in which we will describe that the use of DC trolley for transport, is the cheapest and most ecologic logistic solution!

If you need to work in a rapid and effective way, choose the quality of our DC trolleys and if you want to express your opinion, please visit our Blog ‘Carrellizzatevi”.
Organizzazione Orlandelli’s Staff thanks all its customers and contacts and wish to EVERYBODY a powerful work season!
Have a great job!
Marco Orlandelli (C.E.O.)