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Is there a minimum cost of order for the ABS water trays?

Customers could choose between different colours, however they have to be shipped in box of 15 items each.

If I would need a little trolley, multiuse and cheap, which model could you advise me?

Of course the ORO trolley, hardy and with wire-mesh removable basket. And.. cheap! You can choose among 3 different promotional prices, following a precise quantity: 1, 8 or 18 pieces! Convenience is higher!

How many Pianeta Garden trolleys do you sell?

We have two types of this trolley: the Garden Flor with two shelves and with coin deposit lock system (choosing the type of wheel you prefer: Ø 125 or 150) and the Garden Flor 3 shelves: stackable and with 4 swivel polyurethane wheels.

Display trolleys: how many model have you got?

Available models are three: all trolleys have a white coloured steel frame and canopy available in different colours. What is changing are the elements put on the two shelves: the first model have two green ABS water trays, the second model a water tray and n. 8 galvanized vases and the third, n. 16 galvanized vases.

Is it possible to plan irrigation plant with PRO-Landscape?

Il software gestisce nel suo modulo CAD anche gli impianti di irrigazione, con una libreria dedicata.
E' possibile scegliere tra tutti i tipi di irrigatori, definire la distribuzione dell'impianto, ottenere il numero degli irrigatori necessari ad una corretta copertura della superficie.
Il software consente di progettare un impianto completo, calcola la lunghezza dei tubi utilizzati nel progetto, ma non fornisce il calcolo della portata, distinguendosi più come un software di visualizzazione che uno di calcolo tecnico.

The CAD software module also manages irrigation systems, with a dedicated library.
You can choose between all types of sprinklers, define the distribution system, obtain the number of sprinklers for proper coverage of the surface.
The software lets you design a complete system, calculates the length of the tubes used in the project, but does not provide the calculation of the water volume, standing out more as a visualization software that a technical computing.

May i buy the humidifying membrane in rolls?

No. Their sizes are adapted to the different sizes of trays and displayers. So, they are cut following a precise size.

Do you have tables and benches in different colours?

We create customized benches, with sides colored in different color or wood tint, especially for Great Distribution. To customize, however, we ask the customer a minimum order.

Is it possible to buy a saving-space table only with wheels?

Saving-space tables can be sold with their adjustable height support. In order to create a “stair” effect, it’s possible to remove their legs and screwing the wheel directly to the table.

Is it possible to buy just a saving-space table?

Unfortunately not, because these tables can be sold in three pieces, in a unique box. You have the chance to choose the pst water tray in different colours.

What is the difference between the PST water tray, linekd to displayers and the Unistandard water tray in ABS for DC trolleys?

They have different sizes : L 1.660 P 400 H 50 mm for the first tray, L 1.265 P 555 H 45 mm for the unistandard one, more resistant and available in different colours : green, yellow, red, black and white.

How is packaged and shipped a cabriolet trolley?

It is stripped down and packaged in different boxes. Cabriolet trolley is composed by a unistandard base, four shelves, one cabriolet kit and four ABS water trays (customer can choose the colour).

The utility of our self-service trolley

The self-service trolley carries out a little known assignment but actually it's of fundamental importance since they aim in improving sales. Often, Garden centres are equipped with old-aged as well as rusted trolleys that are not suitable for plants' transportation and therefore jeopardising a possible sales growth.