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Do you have a range of products for mass retailers? Which do you recommend for a good exposure in most supermarkets?

Yes,we have adapted to the different exhibitors G.D.O.
You can make distinctions between products to choose from depending on the display area defined for the display of plants and flowers. If a supermarket in the area to be used and 'about 2 / 3 meters. We recommend the vertical display to take advantage of the more' space as possible.

We always recommend products with the option 'irrigation. I ns. modular furniture kit with wire trays with or without arch have a good vertical display, but above all they have the chance 'to give light and air to water plants having no dark wall. Exhibitors are very easy to install and above all easy to move as removing the shelves without any screws that are only supported the four panels that make up the kit are folding like an accordion and piled up less space.
They have the size to a width of mt. 1.30 and therefore are stuck in the gondola.

Then and 'can place the plants on the gondolas?
We do not recommend always just 'cause the gondolas have closed walls and dark, so the plants needing oxygen, water and light suffer and perish easily. The plants are perishable and therefore need to be followed in a different way from other products on display.