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Sogno Fiorito, the new Flower Shop

Flower shop in Bergamo, entirely designed and furnished by Orlandelli's design team.
The design idea was born after the meeting with the owner at the MyPlant exhibition followed by a visit to the Orlandelli Showroom where every detail was discussed, from the layout to the customization of materials.
The design of this Flower shop was developed with a concept based on the displays of the wooden line AMOR - Garden Center furniture.

For the furnishing of this shop we used:
Customized wooden and ceramic counter for the packaging of plants and flowers.
Wooden shelving with shelves and blister package holder
Set of ceramic tables
Wood benches
Hexagonal wooden set
Wall equipped for  displaying plants and flowers

ARREDAMENTO LINEA AMOR is the line of wooden display cases for plants and flowers designed by Organizzazione Orlandelli to allow the furnishing for garden centers or flower shops to be extremely practical to use and beautiful to look at, ensuring reliability in terms of quality. The end result is a unique concept designed to stir exciting emotions in clients.