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New Sodimac do-it-yourself centers recently opened in Mexico

Orlandelli Group recently supervised the restyling of the indoor and outdoor area of the Sodimac new do-it-yourself centers recently opened in Mexico.
After an initial analysis of the layout and display requirements, the concept style used by Orlandelli's staff to enhance the interior of these do-it-yourself centers in Mexico City was based on:

Gondola Fiorita Set
A customized set with basket holder display cases, to ensure the right display of plants in basket in environments such as greenhouses, nurseries, Garden Centers or plant and flower shops.
A Gondola is the traditional model of display cases for supermarkets to highlight the categories of merchandise in the points of sale from which Organizzazione Orlandelli took inspiration for a new solution of garden center furnishing.

Cross Selling  Set
The new furnishing solution for garden centers structured in such a way to make it possible to strategically combine the sale of plants and flowers with that of complementary products such as pot soil, pots and fertilizers.