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Wire-mesh convertible cart

Wire-mesh convertible cart

6 units
12 units
Base, frame kit, 4 shelves, 4 water trays
Opened L 1.350 W 1265 H 1.570 mm
Closed L 1.350 W 565 H 1.645 mm

  1. Adds handiness of the 'Danish' trolley to the attractiveness of a displayer.
  2. A few seconds to open/close the cabriolet trolley avoiding waste of time.
  3. Easy handling thanks to its strong wheels without worrying for damage.
  4. Allows to use 'Danish' unistandard shelves. Versatilit y in ever y use The cabriolet trolley's versatility is undisputable for shops, Garden Centres, large retailers and fair exhibitions. Easy to use and low cost function make the cabriolet trolley functional in every situation.
  • GARDEN CENTRES AND SHOPS: for those who need to expose outside, a shop or a Garden Centre and handle and plants continuously during the day, the cabriolet trolley is certainly the most suitable. A quick handling is guaranteed by the possibility to open/close in a few seconds.
  • LARGE RETAILERS: the widespread cabriolet trolley can be used for special offers. High and speedy efficiency from the unloading zone to the retailing area is assured, reducing manpower incidence. Maximum plant displaying per square meter using a vertical layout. Introducing the unistandard water trays, the retailing area will look clean and tidy.
  • WHOLESALERS AND RETAILERS: the cabriolet trolley uses the same dimensions and the same shelves as the 'Danish' unistandard trolleys as well as the CC type. This way, you will simplify and speed up handling of the plateaux.