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Welded aluminum bench on wheels

Welded aluminum bench on wheels

40.35" x 80.90"
48.22" x 99.60"
3 units
6 units
13 units
Welded aluminum bench for greenhouses and nurseries.
It is equipped with water tray and drain valve with filter to avoid dirt and foliage accumulation.
The customer can choose to add swivel wheels or the application of adjustable height trestles with release system or with fixed height tops studied for wheels.
The polystyrene shelf is non-glare, high resistant to UV radiations with an height to the border  of 2.36" and it is has filter and drain valve. Its fretted forms avoid water stagnation and it becomes ideal for ebb and flow system irrigations. The sleepers' array guarantee a maximum loading capacity of 14.33 lb/ft².
Design features
The structure of this product is whole realized with aluminum primary alloy draw extruded, for this reason it is very light and easy to handle. Then, all the components (sides, transverses and angulars) are cut and worked on work centres with numerical control and they are prepared to a precise and rapid assembly.
wheel kit composed by special caps with stain steel thread insert, n. 2 swivel wheels Ø 3.93" and n. 2 swivel wheels Ø3.93" with brake.