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New showroom


From few days we have finished the new showroom dedicated to the Julia Wood line, the wooden furniture for flowers and plants, with the focus to launch, besides the elegant displays line, the exclusive consulting service called “Entergreen” that will allow you to realize a wonderful, practical and dynamic store of certain success!
Thanks to the precious advices of the staff of our planning department and the careful indications of our experts, we will be able to propose suitable solutions for your requirements.  A customized service that follows step by step every aspect, by listening, evaluating, and recommending the best furniture solutions.  
The supervising of those, who ever lived the Floricultural industry personally and who every day, thanks to an international experience, renews and enriches their knowledge, will guarantee you to be in “good hands”… the best ones!
This space has been created with a wooden floor made by laminated sand colour parquet, able to contrast the elegant grey turtledove colour of the furniture, enhancing the particular manufacturing of the wood. The modularity of the displays in combination with the bench allows realize perfect layouts using both the vertical and the classic horizontal displaying.
The space in fact, has been completed with several elements that allow create a complete furniture for stores, Garden Centres and areas inside Supermarkets.
If you’re looking for new and exciting ideas to display flowers and plants, regardless the type of commercial area to set up, reach the wonderful city of Mantua is easy and we are sure that the visit to our showroom and the direct comparison with our experts will give new lymph to your projects.