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Improve the performance of your store


Improve performances with the "combined sale": is the concept that Organizzazione Orlandelli, leader company in Floriculture sector for 30 years, wants to convey to its customers.
Through the best solutions for aluminum Low Cost benches and its accessories, you can optimize the exhibition space and improve sales performance. We wanted to sum up in two concepts, the most significant characteristics of our studies: combined and coordinated sale.

For combined sale we mean the ability to offer products for the consumer to combine to the exposed plants on the bench, such as decorative pots, fertilizers or specific potting soils, obtaining an higher turnover.
For coordinated sale we mean instead, careful study and meticulous order of exposed plants; in fact, next to a yellow rose, I will go to expose an orange Hibiscus, by product type and color combination, it is easily coupled to the first one.
The line of aluminum Low Cost benches, as well as the classic rectangular shape, is also completed by wall, island displays, and other various shapes such as hexagonal. Combined with many optional, it gives an infinite versatility making the store aesthetically pleasing, efficient and functional.
With the same available space, it can lead to expose as much as 140% more of the goods.