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JARDIDEA, a new Garden Center close to Madrid, Spain

JARDIDEA, a new Garden Center close to Madrid, Spain
Jardidea is a new Garden Center not far from  Madrid downtown and its settings aims to satisfy their customers on 360 degrees level. The owner of the Center is Italian and with his Spanish wife decided to start a journey into the world of “green”! The Centre was opened last February just before the spring which represent the most relevant period of the year in floriculture.  The Center is very welcoming and offers its clients a wide range of products and services including:
- Seeds and accessories for indoor and outdoor.
-Design, execution of works and maintenance of green areas and irrigation systems
-Diagnose, plant pests and pesticides
-Feed and pet accessories
-Gardening Workshop

Following the architecture of the store, built mostly of wood and glass, the owners decided to set up the exhibition area with our wooden elements:  the “Julia Wood line”. This line is realized with PEFC certified lumber (Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) which guarantees the provenance of the raw materials from sustainable managed forests. This means that our wooden elements are (and always will) made with raw products from protected wild non deforestation practices.
The choice of the furnishing elements fell mainly on particular  items such as ebb and flow benches, stair step display and modular elements. In addition, we provided the Garden Center several low cost aluminum benches and few hexagonal items, in order to create to create a dynamic environment utilizing the different heights of the whole line. For the outdoor, Jardidea chose the Cabriolet Carts with Canopy to give a touch of originality by the entrance of the store.

Follow the link to view photos of the Garden Center.