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Irrigation in the store


The Irrigation is a crucial element for the survival of plants and flowers and, in every store, the correct watering is essential to maintain the exhibited products in perfect condition. Orlandelli Group always considered this aspect, developing ebb and flow ready systems. 

Using water tables makes the everyday watering task easy and calibrated.  A perfect solution for Garden Center, Flower shops and Big boxes. Orlandelli Group has always focused on this aspect, developing presentation systems that support the automatic irrigation of plants and flowers. Simple solution that goes from the normal water trays to the low cost Benches, ebb and flow ready. 

In a retail location, you should irrigate enough to keep the plant in the best possible state. This means, for example, if you over irrigate, you will induce the blooming, a stage of advanced flowering; the customer's perception, in this case, is that the plant will not last. Garden plants, for instance, will grow very quickly and will appear thin and too tall. Opposite, a pour irrigation is synonymous of dehydration and the plants will not transmit the brightness necessary to induce the customer to buy. Irrigation is therefore an activity that shall be adjusted with the utmost professionalism in order to always have healthy plants and minimize waste.
The Low-Cost Benches with PST basin
Ready for ' ebb and flow ' irrigation systems. The PST basins, thanks to the technical and aesthetic characteristics, is the Low Cost solution for irrigation in every outlet or point of sale. The drain channels in the basins avoid water stagnations. The polystyrene basin is anti-glare, anti-static, and resistant to UV radiation and has one filter and 1 drain valve. 

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The water trays are mostly used on carts, typically for exhibition and handling. The primary purpose of these trays is to irrigate the plants directly on the carts. The drain channels in the trays, allows a safe irrigation avoiding water stagnations and consequently roots suffocation. 

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