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CABRIOLET CART: from transportation to exhibition in one CLICK


The Cabriolet Cart is a development of the classic DC/CC trolley for transportation of plants and flowers. 
With the addition of a patented system, you can transform the classic cart in a beautiful display thanks to the open and close mechanism. 
The system, called Cabriolet KIT, has the ability to tilt the cart in five positions showing an excellent scale-view for your products. 
The open and close system of five points, is ideal for those who need to move frequently the cart, for instance, from outside to indoor. The item can be combined with a colored Sun-drop, giving a very nice and attractive appearance.

1) Adds handiness of the 'Danish' trolley to the attractiveness of a displayer.
2) A few seconds to open/close the cabriolet trolley avoiding waste of time.
3) Easy handling thanks to its strong wheels without worrying for damage.
4) Allows to use 'Danish' unistandard shelves. Versatilit y in ever y use The cabriolet trolley's versatility is undisputable for shops, Garden Centres, large retailers and fair exhibitions. Easy to use and low cost function make the cabriolet trolley functional in every situation. 

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