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Irati Anda Solay

Hi! I'm Irati, a Spanish designer with a contagious passion for greenery.

I have always loved plants, and my work allows me to turn this passion into reality by creating exhibition spaces that not only showcase them but also enhance their beauty.

After completing my architectural studies in Pamplona, I found my second home in Italy, where I brought my creativity and refined taste to the service of Garden Centers, Agricultural Stores and Shopping Centers.

Today I enthusiastically and competently manage the design department of Organizzazione Orlandelli, where every day I dedicate myself with dedication to creating green oases that win over customers.

My attention to detail, my deep knowledge of the sector and my constant search for innovation allow me to offer personalized and high-quality solutions.

If you want to give new life to your exhibition spaces and make the beauty of greenery shine, do not hesitate to contact me for a free consultation.

Together, we will create a unique and engaging shopping experience for your customers!

Architect Irati Anda Solay - Design