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Held in Rome the Technical Workshop "Landscape Design"

Held in Rome the Technical Workshop "Landscape Design"
On 23rd and 24th February 2012, in the prestigious atmosphere of Vivai Torsanlorenzo, took place the technical workshop "Landscape Design" about gardens and green areas planning with PRO Landscape software.

Organizzazione Orlandelli, with collaboration of Gruppo Florovivaistico Torsanlorenzo, oversaw the whole event that was attended by gardeners, landscapers, architects and agronomists.

The two-day workshop has been planned to meet the demand of our customers to expand their view on the design of green areas and learn how to design in the best way with PRO Landscape software, created and realized by Drafix Software Inc. in U.S.A. In Europe Organizzazione Orlandelli is the official distributor of this software and an important support for its development for the specific requirements of the European market.

In order to insert our students in the ideal context, the workshop took place in one of the largest nursery in Italy, in fact, with its 70 hectares, Vivai Torsanlorenzo has a wide range of plants and tree species that few other nurseries at European level have, moreover here is held the prestigious International Torsanlorenzo Award (Premio internazionale Torsanlorenzo) dedicated to landscape designers.
In addition, Organizzazione Orlandelli set itself the goal to give something extra to the participants, something that would go over the learning of technical knowledge that our teachers have dispensed during the two days, to live a unique experience that could be remembered and that provided a wealth of knowledge usable every day was the goal to achieve.
That’s not all, with the same spirit to make unforgettable the experience of the workshop, there was organized the overnight stay in a beautiful agritourism a stone’s throw from the nurseries. This initiative has led our students to a constructive debate on issues of planning in a very pleasant climate, undoubtedly different from the traditional office or site.
A full immersion workshop that managed to convey a wealth of life experience and then, thanks to the various activities of the seminary, one of these was certainly the conference of Paolo Villa, one of the most famous landscaper of our times, who delighted us with the speech entitled, "Ideas for sale: the role of the landscaper". Besides the usefulness for design purposes, the conference has been very pleasant, because Villa understood immediately the spirit of the workshop and what our students really needed for their activities and to design gardens and green areas.

The planning of green areas with PRO Landscape software has been the central theme of the two days. The software is the best-selling all over the world and certainly the most complete and easy to use. Thanks to the analyzed and delved contents during the second workshop’s day, we’ve found out mostly the potentiality of this fantastic software that now is considered an indispensable working tool. Our staff has followed step by step the participants, focusing on every single aspect, listening, advising and evaluating the techniques and methods to develop a right design.

Thank to the Gruppo Florovivaistico Torsanlorenzo that hosted the seminar in its factory and organized a very interesting tour of the nursery. In short, special thanks to all participants for having lived this experience in a proactive way.
Sure to have given our best in the preparation and realization of the workshop, we of Organizzazione Orlandelli received an important feedback that motivates us to realize more and more events with these characteristics, where the participant is the protagonist.

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