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Display benches for plants and flowers


Display bench dimensions

Display bench dimensions
What dimensions of display bench for plants and flowers should I use at my point of sale? Is it better to choose a display bench sized 1x2 m or a 1.6x3 m one? What is the difference in their use?
Points of sale are not all the same and for this reason understanding which bench size to buy in order to set up the exhibition space in the best possible way is of key importance.
There are a few considerations to be taken into account:
  • Point of sale size
  • Location (nursery, hot or cold greenhouse)
  • General layout
  • Product category to display (seasonal, special offer or promotion, garden or aromatic plants)
  • Point of sale type (Nursery, Garden Center, Store, Nursery-Garden)
  • Possibility to use different sizes

Point of sale size
It is clear that in a small point of sale the use of smaller benches is preferred, but in order to optimize space, it is possible to use wall or island display benches. In Garden Centers, where the space dedicated to plants and flowers is large, we recommend a careful choice among sizes and shapes; "setting up" the head of the isles in an inviting way is possible thanks to the use of our end caps.

For displaying nursery plants, under a canopy or a shady area, we recommend the use of aluminum display benches. For green or flowery plants for indoor, consider using the AMOR wood line.  An elegant and contemporary line, with an essential and patented design.

General layout
Even if you are considering the purchase of a few benches, perhaps for the garden plants section or seasonal flower section, keep your focus on the big picture.  This will allow you to choose benches of adequate size also in view of future needs of the point of sale.

Product category
If you need to display a wide variety of plants or colors, we recommend the use of several small display benches. This will facilitate your display activity and above all you will obtain a nice exhibition space for your clients. Instead, if you need to display a special offer or a promotion, it is important to show product volume. This will lead you to the choice of larger benches so as to display many plants and flowers.

Point of sale type
A Garden Center has different display needs compared to those of a nursery or a store, this is because the client has different needs.  In a Garden Center, for example, the client's expectation is to find a wide variety of plants and flowers.

Possibility of using different sizes
A wide range of sizes is not sufficient? At Organizzazione Orlandelli we can offer display bench trays of different shapes, from hexagonal ones featuring three different heights, perfect to create a spectacular display, to functional End Cap ones excellent to create a high-performance path.

Contact us with no obligation. We will discuss your specific needs and according to your requirements we will recommend the solution that best suits you.

Technical characteristics
Organizzazione Orlandelli recommends the use of plastic trays and to avoid the use of other materials such as aluminum.  All our display benches are equipped with a water storage tray in PST with tap.  Bench trays are the perfect tool to irrigate plants and flowers in your points of sale.  The corrugations allows homogeneous flow over the entire surface and the multi-level bottom of the tray prevents excess water from coming into contact with the plants, thus avoiding root asphyxia