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Bau Center is pleased to introduce its new plant and flower area

Facilitating the operation of the workers and the usability of the spaces, making it intuitive to display the plants according to their heights, was the mission set for the do-it-yourself Bau Center in Krasnodar, Russia
Inside this do-it-yourself Center, Orlandelli's design team developed a design idea and an "ad hoc" exhibition concept arranging the exhibition space with End Caps and aluminum benches, embellished with graphic design holders for the benches. 
The latter was designed to recreate in its own point of sale, Garden Center or Shop, a graphic design setting of great visual impact/functionality, thus making the sale of plants and flowers more "aggressive".

The FOCUS:   Gondola Fiorita Set
A gondola display case is the traditional display case at supermarkets for arranging the merchandise categories inside the point of sale.
Our GONDOLA FIORITA set represents the same principles:
- it is modular and can be optimized according to the length of the point of sale
- It allows optimal display of different types of plants and flowers
- It makes it possible to structure an ideal path within the layout by placing more than one GONDOLA FIORITA set side by side. The use of benches based on different heights has a double advantage: in addition to facilitate the operation of the workers making it intuitive to display plants based on heights, it provides an optimal view of the point of sale. 
In addition, the use of End Caps, in addition to promote combined sales, is an invitation to move from the main to the secondary isles.