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White DC water tray
White DC water tray
White DC water tray
White DC water tray
White DC water tray

White DC water tray

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The new DC water tray, entirely designed by Orlandelli Group 's R&D team, introduces groundbreaking technical and structural innovations.
The main objective of this update to this successful product was a significant reduction of production costs without losing the opportunity to introduce quality improvements.
Completely redesigned from scratch compared to the previous model, this is the fifth iteration of the DC water tray to be introduced since 1989. The main difference is in the production process, radically different from the one previously employed, which allows large quantities to be manufactured in a short time.
This new water tray for DC and CC trolleys, the universal logistic tool used in the floriculture and plant sectors, has outstanding technical features covered by a patent.

The DC water tray offers several advantages, the most notable ones being:
  • IRRIGATION : the main purpose of the tray is to irrigate the plants on the trolleys. The double grooves inside the tray, divided into three drainage levels, allow safe irrigation by preventing the plants from being in direct contact with the water, thus avoiding root asphyxia.
  • CLEANLINESS : the use of water trays avoids the dripping of water and dirt on the shelves underneath, thus safeguarding the blossoming and cleanliness of the plants. This distinctive feature is even more effective with flowering plants that, if showered from above, are likely to see the flowering ruined.
  • DOUBLE DRAIN : the water tray comes with two drain wells positioned right by the holes for handling the shelves.
  • STRENGTH AND DURABILITY : for the new water tray we use POLYPROPYLENE (PP), which is a plastic material very resistant to atmospheric agents, chemicals, solvents and mechanical stresses and it does not warp under load, retaining its characteristics over time. The reinforcements in the bottom part of the tray help properly supporting it on the shelves and the stacking of the trays. The raised circular edge also makes the tray remarkably tough.
  • DESIGN : the added aesthetic value that the trays give to DC unistandard trolleys, tools known for their “essential” look,  should not be underestimated. The trays, with their colors and functionality, add a touch of design to the display on the trolleys and boost the sale of plants.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY : the Orlandelli DC trays are made of 100% recyclable plastic.
Once again, Organizzazione Orlandelli has brought a noteworthy innovation to the worldwide market of Floriculture, which will allow all those growing and selling plants and flowers to improve their everyday work practices.

49.76" x 21.65" x 1.97"

WATER VALVE (optional)
Valve for water drainage. Applicable on all PP water trays. 
Complete with open/close cap and rubber seal. 

Drainage Ø 20 mm