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Container for cut flowers
Container for cut flowers
Container for cut flowers
Container for cut flowers
Container for cut flowers
Container for cut flowers
Container for cut flowers

Container for cut flowers

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400 Lt
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Every year the need of cut flower warehousing (chrysanthemum, roses and liliums, in particular) arises. For years, Orlandelli Group advises a very appreciated and effective solution: a tub (cassapallet) to stow cut flowers inside cold stores.
Our Polyethylene tubs with wheels have a main role in all cut flower industry, from post collection to warehousing, reaching their use in retail outlets as displayers (see picture). They are the best solutions for wholesalers, cash & carries, producers, garden centres and retail outlets.

Up to some years ago, these containers were used only for cut flower warehousing and not for displaying, because aesthetically they weren’t much to look at. Their new green colouring improves the design of the product, so that a lot of specialized cut flowers outlets use them both for warehousing and displaying.

Improved flower conservation
The fragility of cut flowers is a main topic to consider. In order to assure to flowers a good preservation and so, a long life, some particular devices must be taken into consideration. Even if cold industry is strictly respected, from post-collection to retail outlet, the human factor must be observed, specifically the manipulation, that occurs every time flower is touched, that influences the state of preservation.
The use of tubs (cassapallets) allows:
• To reduce the direct contact of the operator with the cut flower, seen that goods remain in the same container both for warehousing and selling, and this is an advantage for flower lasting.
• To reduce logistic times, avoiding pouring operation from the container for warehousing to exposition in retail outlets.
• To reduce flower rejects. The cassapallet, maintaining the cut flower in a vertical position, permits a better ventilation, preserving the beauty of the flower and limiting its deterioration.


Container for cut flowers 52 gals
Gals 52 - L 40.58" W 25.22" H 27.56"  basin internal height H 15.75"
Weight: Lb. 40 - Volume: 16.245ft³

Container for cut flowers 79 gals
Gals 79 - L 40.58" W 25.22" H 31.91", basin internal height H 20.49"
Weight: Lb. 49 - Volume: 17.657ft³

Container for cut flowers 105 gals
Gals 105 - L 40.58" W 23.64" H 38.81", basin internal height H 28.37"
Weight: Lb. 57 - Volume: 20.836ft³