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2019 Garden Tends Report - part one


2019 Garden Tends Report - part one
Orlandelli Group is pleased to bring to your attention one of the most detailed and specific market researches of the Garden center industry. Reading this market research you can get important information that will help you stay one step ahead of the market. By presenting this research Organizzazione Orlandelli gives a useful and efficient working tool to plan a successful 2019! Read carefully this research, staying focused and share it with you staff.

Rooted Together - Reconnecting with the Natural World 

The future for gardening looks joyful and holds a connection to Mother Nature that just may be the saving grace of the planet.

This bold prediction comes from Garden Media Group’s 2019 Garden Trends Report:  Rooted Together – Reconnecting with the Natural World. The 18th annual report dives deep into the intrinsic connection people have with nature and how banding together could be the best defense to protect the earth.

The 2019 Garden Trends Report predicts a move toward a higher value on increasing our connection with nature and dives deep into cultivating a healthier relationship with expanding technology.

From Me to She - pag. 6

From Me to She - pag. 6
There is a new global reality. Each passing year is hottest on record, insects are rapidly disappearing, and we are buried in our technology.

According to landscape designer Thomas Rainer, we have driven nature out of our neighborhoods and cities.

For years it was all about "ME." People climbing the corporate ladder and putting "self-care" above all else.

But there is hope.

Now we are seeing the trend swing in another direction, towards "SHE" - Mother Nature.

Joy IN NATURE - pag. 7

Joy IN NATURE - pag. 7
People are awakening to Mother Nature to find balance and peace and are awakening to our responsibility to help save the Earth.

This awakening cultivates a healthier relationship with technology, draws people outside, brings them in touch with their roots. Gardening is a natural fit.

Horticulture is essential to solve climate change, biodiversity loss and urban eco-system services. 

According to author Michael McCarthy, a modern-day Rachel Carson, finding joy in nature will help save the environment, and in turn, save us.
The Garden Trends Report 2019 were previewed for Europe at the Orlandelli Horizon event.

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