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What are LOW COST benches and why may I choose them?

The fact to save money is an important need among our customers.. we do not want to let them down!
More than a year ago, our company proposed a LOW COST bench line, very appreciated in all over the world.
Why our customers should choose our LOW COST benches and not the traditional ones?
Because not only the product has reduced cost, but also the mentioned “added charges” (packaging and transport charges) are very LOW COST.
Reducing and optimizing costs and volumes of packaging, in fact, we can assure an important saving about transport costs for our customers. For this reason, our Low Cost benches are very appreciated, especially by companies which need big quantities of benches, because increasing quantities, incidence percentage of these costs lowers. Everybody knows that transport costs put a strain on the final amount of the product. Any way to reduce this cost is an advantage.