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The pot plants’ display system that improves your sales performance

We design and produce racks and exhibitions units that will help you to do a better job in floriculture.

Our range of products increases the sales performance because every detail is tailor designed and produced specifically to show pot plants and flowers; the clients feedback is extremely encouraging and everyone is highlighting the positive effect and the leads of our display systems in their stores. Every single element is designed to keep the floral products under the best possible conditions.

The new line of Racks, 2016, is characterized by significant quality improvements. All the racks are hot deep galvanized. We increased the size of the rivets up to 13 mm making the shelves long lasting with increased load capacity. The hook of the shelves has been modified as well and it’s 6 mm thick.

We have available and propose two versions: Economy and Premium; the first version is characterized by slightly lower quality than the Premium. This last one. is overall more robust and definitively of better quality.

Even the racks for internal use, such us shopping trolleys, nursery carts and garden center racks, are designed to facilitate the work of operations in the sales areas.

In specific, related to the shopping carts, we offer a very wide range, designed to carry plants and flowers of all sizes. Different types of wheels are available to match all the different pavement’s need. Every single cart is “easy to use” and maneuverable, even by small kids.

Discover all the advantages of our range of display units and racks.
The pot plants’ display system that improves your sales performance