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Self-Repair Nursery Trolleys

Organizzazione Orlandelli with a view to increasing attention to the environment, without losing sight of business needs of its customers (nurserymen, greenhouse operators, floricolutori, shopkeepers), has devised a solution for the self-repair of DC trolleys for nursery DC.
With this solution, you save more and respects the environment.
To address the need for any cracks that were developed on trolleys for the nursery DC, Orlandelli Organization has developed the system for self-repair.
The system of self-repair of trolleys for the nursery as well as being a very simple and economical, is environmentally friendly.
The repair will serve all our customers to repair their trucks in DC in a self-sufficient way by providing the common parts such as wheels and wood breaking.
Since the Floriculture sector is characterized by seasonality, the repairing system of trolleys for the nursery industry, enables companies to leverage its workforce during the low season optimizing operating costs and transport.
Doing so will prevent a significant movement of broken trolleys transported from one warehouse to another, contributing to an environmentally friendly managing of business.
This solution will bring economic benefits and it is certainly an incentive for those who want to contribute a bit to respect the environment.
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