Prices holder

Price holders and communicative graphics

A beautiful display of plants and flowers is not complete without the price.

Exhibit clear prices and easily readable has a fundamental importance in sales. Failure to display the price or even worse, an unclear and confusing display, puts the customer in a situation of uncertainty, sometimes, embarrassment. To facilitate the client in the right product choice, in addition to the price, it’s important to inform about the characteristics of the plants; a simple description indicating: name of the plant, exposure, watering, flowering periods and other basic information, is more than enough to guide the customer to choose the plant or the flower according to their needs.

When we wish to give particular attention to an area of our store or if we want to communicate strategically a category of plants exposed, we can do that with graphic panels. With the help of images, recalling events and attractions, we can catch the attention of our customer.  In this section we want to offer a wide range of solutions designed specifically for the floricultural industry, indispensable in every retail environment like Garden Centre, nurseries, shops and supermarkets.

The supports for your graphic communication.