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New opening: Garden OForno - Spain

We are excited to see the final result: we started the project very close to the inauguration date and it seemed almost impossible to succeed. Now OForno has done it and has inaugurated its second brand new and modern Garden Center in Galicia. It was an honor to contribute to the creation and study of its spaces.

OForno is an integral part of the Aliat Grup purchasing group, with which we have been collaborating for several years and which brings together the main independent garden centers throughout Spain. This new center is located a few kilometers from the family's historic one: an authentic flagship where the second generation is investing all its dedication.

Orlandelli Organization played a crucial role in this project, thanks to its vast experience and strengths in the garden center design and construction sector. Our expertise in optimizing spaces and selecting innovative solutions has allowed us to create a welcoming and functional environment. OForno benefited from our know-how in the organization of the areas and the exhibition layout, ensuring a unique experience for visitors.

The new OForno Garden Center represents not only an expansion of the business, but also a symbol of innovation and tradition. The second generation of the family is putting all its effort and passion into transforming this space into a point of reference for gardening and nature lovers in Galicia. We are proud to have contributed to this ambitious project and look forward with enthusiasm to the future successes that will arise from it.

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