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How to project the layout of a garden center

The design and construction of a garden center requires a careful evaluation of the groups that develop within the structure.

Like all jobs you can think of to do it yourself or rely on professionals. Very often you think you know your customer, their habits, assuming that the layout of your garden center is fine as it is and nothing can be improved. Even today there is no perfect model that can diametrically be good for all the Garden Center. Studying the construction is complex and includes techniques and knowledge that are not common at all.

If this is a business started, but where the layout has never been thought the most important thing is to analyze the flow of customers to understand critical issues such as the customer faces in its path.
If we talk about new structures being renovated, it is important to sit around a table and draw the flow direction we want to do for our customers.

The courses required in an environment such as the Garden Center are just recommended but this does not mean it can not be used in specific departments. The most common example is that of the traditional Christmas market that is so fashionable in Garden Center, in this case the tracks is recommended because in this way, particularly in times of large inflows, the customer is given a chance to see all supply available.

Returning to our store you just said that the path is not obliged the best solution, but there is a need to create a path that is equally effective in terms of practicability and visibility of products on display. For proper planning of the layout, we recommend to split the area available in different climatic zones as regards the interior, while the outer area to consider the part devoted to the nursery (with and without shadow), and other areas dedicated to other merchandising. In both cases, the practicability should be studied taking into consideration how much space to devote to the different types of products, without forgetting that the flexibility to increase or decrease the space is a key factor in our choices of construction, dictated by the seasonality that characterizes our sector.

Going down in some technical detail, keep in mind that the passages devoted to the main course typically ranging from 1,200 mm 3,000 mm while the sub-steps may vary by mm800 at mm1.200.
Those listed are just some of the considerations that must be made in planning the layout, but there are all very important and many other complexities that also include other factors such as merchandising or location.

The study of the layout can be crucial to the success of your store so, dedicategli the time and in the case, look to companies like ours, give this type of service based on years of experience in this field.

The last word is always yours, because nobody better than you know your store and its customers and also because the success of this field is determined by the person's ability to expose plants, flowers and vessels effectively.