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COMBO: The AESTHETIC VALUE of plants and flowers

The Entergreen Team developed a new concept to improve sales in the entire chain from producer to wholesaler, for Garden Centre and large retailers. Considering the marketing studies in the food industry, we tried to copy what are the techniques that can be adapted and replicated in Floriculture. It is true that food products are an asset of primary importance but the strong competition in this sector resulted in very effective strategies to highlight a brand rather than another.

We concluded that a manufacturer of any goods, been it a plant, a wine or whatever, in addition to provide a great product at a competitive price and an impeccable service, today, the focus goes how the consumer will identify the product. Based on this philosophy, experienced with success in food industry, we created for the floriculture sector a serial of exhibition sets of great effect in order to increase the sale of plants and flowers.

The layout of Garden Centre is quite often boring: linear or central floor exhibition, elements non-organized on benches of the same height and so on. That is, settings that, as a result, transmit few emotions only. We are lucky to work with a product that already provide emotions and, therefore, let us enhance this feature. If we analyze the distribution chain between the manufacturer and the final consumer, we understand that the most important segment is the contact with the consumer. At this level, applying effective methodologies is crucial to stimulate the mind of the consumer and create the purchasing desire and, therefore, increase the sale of plants and flowers.

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