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Automatic wrapping machine

Machine in conformity with CEE regulations

- Soft starts to avoid abrupt start;
- Adjustable speed of the board;
- Adjustable rising speed of the spool-holder;
- Rotation board: 8 revolutions per minutes;
- Emergency push-button;
- Diameter of the board 1800 mm; doweled on 9 supporting roller bearings;
- Maximum loading capacity: 1200 kg;
- Transmission board/column with 2 steel chains;
- Steel and aluminium machine's frame;
- Customizable blocking-trolley hook on demand;
- Adjustable electromechanically film stretching;
- Maximum wrapping up height: 2800 mm;
- Maximum lifting speed of the stretching engine;
- Double wrapping: up to 25 trolleys per hour;
- Single wrapping: up to 35 trolleys per hour,
- Button for single or double wrapping;
- Special button to stop the wrapping height;
- Button to restart the wrapping from the stopping point;
- Motive power 380 Kw, electrical power supplies 230/400 V,50 Hz three-phase;
- Installed power 1,5 Kw;
- Automatic / manual machine's functioning;
- Possibility to wrap unistandard trolleys or pallets;

Moreover the wrapping machine has:
- Proper spaces to move it using a fork-lisft
- Loading ramp
- Total weight: 620 kg
Sizes: L. 1800 W. 3150 H. 3050 mm 

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