How to influence the success of a proposal?


Getting positive responses and commitment is crucial for every company and is the basic element for concrete job opportunities. Introduce yourself in full, that’s the key. The stages that lead to this result usually require the study, the budget and the development of a project that summarize the characteristics of the proposed intervention. The most common barrier is that, during the drafting of the proposal, the client focuses more on numbers and technical details rather than the form of communication and the content of the proposal you are launching.


Mainly, there are three components that affect the positive outcome of a project:


1) The PRICE

2) The COMPOSITION (the Content)



1-The price:

On this theme we will not give any details or suggestions. However, keep in mind that the customers perceive only the general price of the service you are offering. Therefore, show good will, explain and justify the costs. Quite often you will meet customers with a poor botanical knowledge which will not grasp the differences between the various species of plants. Without the adequate presentation the price will be the main point of discussion.


2-The contents:

The quote, to be effective, must be clear, simple and easy to understand, therefore, avoid specifying a long series of technical details that, in the worst of the cases, people don't know; indicate the motivations of your choices, show intuitive diagrams and make it easily to understand. The PRO Landscape software is an amazing tool and it will help you in this process simply because it can design plan metric, it will help you to clearly show all the characteristics of the used elements. We tend, generally, to indicate the "TOTAL PRICE", its normal, but in this case it should be the last thing to show and, be aware, it may be the first detail the client will remember! You should instead try to leave a good impression of you, explaining who you are, who you cooperate with, the kind of support and warranty your company is offering, underlining why among the various estimates the client is considering, your should deserve the greatest attention.



The two ways Communication is the most natural thing in the world, but doing it well is difficult.

Knowing how best to convey your proposal and, at the same time, to excite your customer, is fundamental. There is no more effective tool then a photographic simulation, and, specific for green areas, the PRO Landscape software is a superb tool. It gives you the possibility of intervene on the client needs and ideas, creating emotional photo composition in high resolution and extremely realistic. There are other simple options that will allow you to show your professional artwork. One is the use a cover of colored cardboard. This enhances the image of your book. Use transparent sides to protect the prints and enhance the quality of the photos and paper using heavy weights paper size (100-120gr). To print your photo composition choose a glossy photo paper, your print will appear extremely realistic.  Present your proposals giving at least an alternative art work. With PRO Landscape you may use different visualizations; with a simple click, change your project to "hand drawn", "colored pencil", "watercolor" and many others options, great to use in the cover image.  Don't forget to put your logo and company name and bound the documents to easily browse the art work.

All these are useful suggestions to elevate the quality of your presentation and your professionalism. Let your clients to feel important; they expect us to turn a desire into a usable project ... and there we go!